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Helge was born in what was then East Germany in 1947. The family fled to the West to Hamburg in 1958. Helge finished his formal education as a technical draftsman and then joined the German Navy, serving 12 years as navigator.
His travels brought him to the United States where he met his bride in Boston.
After completing his active Navy duty, he and his wife moved to Massachusetts in 1976 and Helge continued his education at Clark University, earning a BA in Studio Art.
He then began a career first as an art teacher at High School but retooled after a few years to become a High School math teacher until he retired in 2010.
Of course during his 30 years of teaching Helge also committed time towards his own art work when family and life circumstances allowed.
In the 80’s Helge was an accomplished screen printer. His mostly angular geometric silk screen prints were represented in galleries in Boston, Chicago, and his home town Worcester, Ma.
In the 90‘s, Helge’s interest shifted to watercolor.
His seasonal motifs of New England were very well received at several one man shows.
He moved to Florida in 2003, the same year tragedy struck with his only daughter’s deadly car accident.
Helge took a hiatus from the arts for ten years, but is now back with his work in acrylics. Exhibiting at local and national art competitions, Helge’s new work has won several prizes and awards.
His abstract, elegantly flowing compositions suggesting flowers combine his love for color and the precise sweeping arcs reveal his many years as a Math teacher, or, as one art critic wrote, “ The geometric artist”.
  • Lakeland, Florida, United States